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Welcome to “Little Pakistan” in Brooklyn, NY since 1990


“Little Pakistan” is located on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn NY. The Pakistani community here started with immigrants coming from Kashmir in the late 1960’s. By 1990 the community was thriving. There are around 120,000 Pakistani’s living in city and like many immigrants, Pakistani’s started driving New Yorks iconic yellow cabs. These new immigrants helped transform this neighborhood. ” COPO successfully had the banners of “Little Pakistan” put up on street poles throughout the corridor. COPO was recognized by several city council members (Jumaane D.Williams, Farah Louis, Brooklyn Borough President, Rodneyse Bichotte, andbYvette Clark) and received certificates, awards and citation for its work on “Little Pakistan”.


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Pakistani Day Mela
  • Recently, Pakistan commemorated its remarkable 75 years of freedom. For Pakistani Americans, here in NYC it was also a momentous day. For Pakistani-Americans, Coney Island Avenue, also referred to as "Little Pakistan," is a safe haven. On August 14, the Pakistani Day Mela Street fair was held to celebrate Pakistan's independence.
  • Since 1990, the festival in Brooklyn has attracted over 15,000 Pakistani-Americans from all over the nation with booths full of traditional Pakistani food, a main stage with Pakistani performers, handicrafts, shops, and kid's activities.


Ramadan Lights2

Holiday Lights for Little Pakistan are finally here! In honor of Ramadan COPO took the initiative  to have holiday lights installed throughout the corridor to beautify the streets and highlight the  festivities during the Ramadan season. COPO held an event unveiling the beautiful holiday lights  for the first time ever. COPO lights up thier Eid trees for storefronts, and decorated them with Eid trees. COPO also distributed little Ramadan themed presents to thank everyone who came out to support this initiative and COPOs efforts.


Through this initiative, we aimed to highlight the many attractions Little Pakistan has to offer. We wanted to showcase how Ramadan and Eid are celebrated with the same fervor as any other religious holiday. COPO is proud to showcase such an important holiday and time for Muslims in the corridor. We had several elected officials in attendance who joined us for the unveiling of the Ramadan lighting ceremony. We are thankful that we had people from across all faiths including NYPD members, council members Ari Kagan, Rita Joseph, Farah Louis, community members, Mark Appel, Adeel Rana, and Jabaran Akram join us.


Ramadan Lights1
  • After two years of the pandemic, this year ACMW and COPO partnered up once again to hold their annual Chand Raat event on Sunday, May 1st.
  • There were a large variety of stalls that included everything from bangles, henna, desi clothing, jewelry, and culturally specific items. Attendees had a great time getting their henna done and shopping from these wonderful stalls.
  • ACMW held an award ceremony recognizing and honoring community members who worked diligently during the pandemic. It was an amazing turnout this year of over 5000+ individuals in attendance.

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