COPO operates the first Halal Older Adult Center funded by NY Aging. We provide hot, halal meals, food pantry services, ESOL and citizenship classes, fitness and yoga classes, and many more fun activities! We have a registered nurse on site who comes in periodically to check on our members’ health and vitals and provides them with educational workshops. We have a team of case managers available who assist to our older adult members, conduct home visits, and much more to keep our Older Adult clients healthy, and engaged. COPO OAC serves over 24,000 hot meals annually and provides case management to over 200 older adult clients. If you would like to be a part of our program, please reach our

Director of Older Adult Services,

Hasan Raza

email: hraza@copo.org

tel: 718-434-3266 ext 1013




COPO’s Older Adult Center offers hot packed lunches for all of our members on a daily basis. Our packed lunches are completely halal and made fresh every day to ensure our Older Adult clients have access to fresh, healthy meals every day. We ensure our packed lunches meet all cultural, religious, and dietary requirements for our clients. Our halal lunches are for our Older Adult clients aged 60 and over, if you would like to be a member or if you know anyone who would like to join the program, please reach out to our

Director of Older Adult Services,

Hasan Raza

email: hraza@copo.org

tel: 718-434-3266 ext 1013


COPO operates the only registered Halal Meals on Wheels (HMOW) program in New York City. This program currently provides food delivery twice a week to low -income Muslim Older Adults living in Brooklyn. It meets the increasing need for Meals on Wheels (MOW) services that are culturally and religiously sensitive. This service is only available for Older Adults over the age of 60. If you are interested in receiving this service, please reach out to our

Meals on Wheels Coordinator,

Mujtaba Ali

email: mali@copo.org

tel: 718-434-3266 ext 1011

Halal Meals-on-Wheels



COPO’s Older Adult Center offers a fitness program for all of our OAC members! The focus of our fitness classes is to be able to assist our clients in reaching their fitness goals, and increasing their passion and drive for health, wellness, and fitness. COPO’s Fitness Program aims to implement the latest trends in the fitness industry and provide solutions to our client's fitness needs. Our fitness instructor is always on site and ensures our older adult clients are exercising in a safe manner and not engaging in any exercises that might be too strenuous for them.


COPO offers Yoga classes for our Older Adult Daycare members where our clients are able to safely practice yoga under the supervision of COPO’s yoga instructor. Our yoga classes are offered so our Older Adult clients can reduce stress, improve flexibility, mobility, and strength, and alleviate aches and pains. We offer our Yoga classes weekly to our Day Care members where they can interact with their fellow members, relax and alleviate stress, and work towards a healthy lifestyle.




COPO offers civics classes to adults. Our program aims specifically to help individuals who are applying for United States citizenship practice for their citizenship exam. Our teacher also offers an ESOL program where we help our clients brush up their fluency on their linguistic skills. COPO’s ESOL teacher offers ESOL classes twice a week where our clients can come in and increase their English language skills.